The Things I Overthink About

The idea that I can learn something new every single day is the thing that gets me going.

I like to design experiments and select methods driven by the hypotheses I have in mind.

Cognitive Neuroscience

Generally speaking, I'm interested in the neural substrates of cognitive processes and representations. Notably, semantic knowledge and related high level cognitive functions. I'm currently investigating how different dimensions of words meaning are represented in the brain.


I believe in the value of clinical data: there is a lot to be learned by studying behavioral and cognitive effects of neurological disorders. Moreover, I'd like to know that somehow, someday, what we are learning about the brain will be useful in the diagnostic or therapeutic process.


I value neuroimaging as one of the main sources of information on what's going on in a human brain. So far I've worked with fMRI and MEG, but that might change: different questions = different (combinations of) tools. During my PhD, I dived into multivariate analyses of brain imaging data (i.e. pattern classification and correlations) and in the future I'd like to keep up with the progresses made in data analyses.

I truly love to share and collaborate, so don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like to discuss anything related.