what I do and did

Professional Experience

Sept 2022Assistant Professor in the Faculté de psychologie et des sciences de l'éducation [FPSE] of Université de Genève [UNIGE]

Leading the Neurobiology of Concepts Expression laboratory (NoCE Lab)

Teaching about Semantics and Cognitive Neuroscience of Language

May 2020 – June 2022 Post-doctoral scholar with Dr. Pierre Bellec [IVADO, SIMEXP, at UdeM]

Design, implementation and analysis of behavioral and neuroimaging (fMRI/MEG) experiments within the Courtois NeuroMod project

April 2017 – April 2020 Post-doctoral scholar with Dr. Maria Luisa Gorno-Tempini [ALBA - UCSF/MAC]

Design, implementation and analysis of behavioral and neuroimaging (fMRI/MEG) experiments with neurodegenerative patients.

Sept 2012 – Sept 2013 Post-graduation internship with Dr. Manuela Piazza [UNICOG]

Design and implementation of fMRI studies; uni- and multi- variate analysis of neuroimaging data.

March 2012 – June 2012 Clinical internship with Dr. Alessia Monti and Prof. Gabriele Miceli [CeRiN]

Neuropsychological assessment of patients; design and implementation of ad hoc experimental tests.

March 2010 – July 2010 Research internship with Prof. Giuseppe di Pellegrino [CsrNC]

Design and implementation of a study combining behavioral data and techniques for neurostimulation (tDCS).


Oct 2013 – Feb. 2017 PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience [UPMC/ED3C + UNITN/CIMeC]

Sept 2010- Sept 2012 Master of Science with Honors in Neuropsychology [UNITN]

Sept 2007- July 2010 Bachelor of Science with Honors in Psychology [UNIBO]

Teaching & Mentoring Experience

Spring 2019 Ad hoc lecturer for MAC Postdoc Educational Curriculum

2017 – 2019 Supervision of high school (N. Lei, S. Ng, V. Leung , J. Rodriguez) and undergraduate (K. Sierchio) interns , co-supervisor ML Gorno-Tempini

2015 – 2017 Supervision of two master theses @ UNITN, co-supervisor M. Piazza (S. Melison and D. Spagnolo)

Oct 2014 – Oct 2016 Teaching assistant: English [Mission d’enseignement @ Espace Langues]

May - June 2016 Teaching assistant: Semantic [Current debates in cognitive neuroscience @ Dep. Cognitive Science UNITN]

Collateral Activities

2019/2020 – co-organizer of UCSF - Kavli Institute Brain Talks

Summer 2019 – co-organizer of Bay Area Scikit-Sprint 2019

Spring 2019 – co-lead of MAC Postdoc Educational Curriculum

Jan 2019 – onwards: OHBM Brain-Art Special Interest Group [secretary 2018/2019, Diversity & Gender Committee liaison 2019/2020]

Sept 2018 – onwards: Penne Amiche della Scienza

Sept 2018 – onwards: UCSF Postdoc Interest Group - Cognitive Neuroscience

May 2018 – co-organizer of the San Francisco chapter of Brainhack

2017– onwards: pen-pal with Letters to a Pre-scientist, classroom chat thanks to Skype a Scientist

2017/2018 Volunteer in STEM afterschool via the UCSF Science Education Program.

June 2015 – Jan 2016 Member of the organizational commitee of Neuroscience Workshop Sacaly (NeWS 2016)

Oct 2013 – Feb 2017 Co-organizer of the Neurobreakfast [gathering of phd students and other ECR from all teams @ Neurospin]

Oct 2013 – Oct 2016 Co-organizer of the Unsupervised Decoding Meeting [joint meeting of UNICOG and PARIETAL focusing on machine learning and pattern classification]

Honours & Awards

Apr 2020 Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) postdoctoral scholarship $ 70 000 - declined

Feb 2020 Institute for Data Valorisation (IVADO) postdoctoral scholarship $ 140 000

June 2016 + June 2017 Fondazione Ermenegildo Zegna 10.000 €

May 2015 – Feb 2017 Université Franco Italienne/Università Italo Francese (UFI/UIF) 4.500 €

May 2014 CAOs (Concepts, Actions and Objects): Best Student Abstract Awards 200 €

2011/2012 Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Cento: bursary for period of studies abroad ~ 1000 €

2011/2012 University of Trento: Erasmus fellowship (study abroad program, 6 months) ~ 1000 €

2010/2012 Collegio di Merito Clesio: housing and supplementary interdisciplinary courses for best master students

2010/2012 University of Trento: full scholarship for two years of master (through Opera Universitaria)

2007/2010 University of Bologna: full scholarship for three years of bachelor (through Er.Go)